The Star Trek Universe is made up of 4 Quadrants

- Alpha Quadrant

- Beta Quadrant

- Delta Quadrant

- Gamma Quadrant

This mod is specifically going to be looking at the worlds in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants as these were the ones shown in the Original Series of Star Trek.

Though there has not been one specific map officially recognised as the correct map of the Star Trek Universe there are many versions of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants which are all different in ways to each other.

To work out which map to use for this map it was decided that our map will include a combination of maps to create what we think is the best representation of the Star Trek universe.

When the Enterprise discovers a system called the Vulcan system then you will know that by investigating the system you will meet the Vulcans and gain a new ally. However that would make things too easy.

Instead of using familiar names like the Vulcan system, the Klingon system and the Romulan system our mod will be using the proper names for the systems such as 40 Eridani , K'Thar and Eisn systems.

Using these system names will result in you taking the Enterprise into the K'Thar system for example not realizing you are entering the Klingon home system which is about to give you a nasty encounter with angry Klingon Warriors.

Map Sample